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Current Conditions: 1.6C
Pressure: 102.0 kPa falling
Wind: ENE 17 km/h gust 31 km/h

Mainly sunny. High plus 5.
Wednesday night:
Partly cloudy. Low minus 8.
Mainly sunny. High 6.
Thursday night:
Chance of flurries. Low minus 6. POP 30%
Sunny. High 10.
Friday night:
Clear. Low minus 7.
Sunny. High 10.
Saturday night:
Chance of showers. Low minus 4. POP 30%
Sunny. High 13.
Sunday night:
Clear. Low minus 1.
A mix of sun and cloud. High 14.
Monday night:
Chance of showers. Low plus 1. POP 30%

  • Lawsuit Ends with Fireworks

    A liar and a bully. Those are words ratepayers were using to describe Swan Valley West council member Terry Neely outside of last nights heated meeting. That in response to Neely’s claims that not a single ratepayer had ever said council should end the lawsuit while some ratepayers recounted telling Neely those exact words. Inside the meeting Brian Burrick leveled accusations against Neely for threatening fellow council member Glen Foster in advance of a vote to end the lawsuit between Swan Valley West and CJ Radio. The public heard for the first time that council had spent far more than $153,000 as previously reported. According to Neely some $350,000 of public money has been spent in the past two years as a result of the ongoing conflict between CJ Radio and council.

    Reeve Vern Scouten lost control of the meeting several times during a presentation by angry ratepayers who claimed CJ Radio had destroyed much of what had been good about the valley. Scouten lost control completely after the 4-3 vote was held when former council member Stan Potten began addressing council and shaking hands. Potten was then involved in a verbal and physical altercation as he attempted to leave the meeting which prompted some council members to leave their seats to attempt to calm the standing room only gallery.

    In the end Swan Valley West Council voted 4-3 to rescind a previous motion to pursue a lawsuit against CJ Radio and then voted 4-3 to immediately discontinue that same lawsuit.



  • Spruce Products Planning Ahead for Tariffs

    The new softwood lumber dispute between Canada and the United States may not impact Swan River as hard as it could have. Ward Perchuk says that since the last dispute Spruce Products has been concentrating on finding markets for its lumber within Canada just incase these type of tariffs returned. That planning also meant limited the amount of wood being sold into the US starting in November to avoid retroactive duties being charged. Perchuk does expect lumber prices to drop in this country however as larger mills look more to the domestic market. There aren't any plans to reduce the number of staff working as a result of the new duties. Spruce Products does about 40% of its business selling wood chips to the paper mill in The Pas.



  • Chambers Withdraws Presentation

    A presentation by Economic Development Officer Heather Nielson to the council of Swan Valley West won't be happening after all. In a press release this afternoon, the Chamber of Commerce says they have determined it is in the best interest of the Chamber to withdraw their presentation supporting the lawsuit against CJ Radio. The release goes on to say the Chamber feels ignoring a problem and hoping it goes away is not the answer. The chamber also states it has never been its position to take sides unless instructed to do so by its members as a whole. The Chamber had scheduled Neilson to make a 15 minute presentation urging Swan Valley West to continue funding a lawsuit between some of its council members, their staff and this radio station. Council is set to vote on discontinuing that lawsuit tomorrow night.



  • Chamber of Commerce Supports Lawsuit

    The Municipality of Swan Valley West meets Tuesday night for what could be a rather interesting meeting. The agenda indicates that council will discuss removing support for the lawsuit between some council members, their staff and this radio station. One council member says they intend to also pass a resolution requiring the lawsuit be removed from court. But it's something else of the agenda raising eyebrows around the valley today. Heather Nielson is scheduled to speak on behalf of the Swan Valley Chamber of Commerce and all of its members. According to the Chamber vice president, Nielson will tell council that the chamber and its members believe the lawsuit against CJ Radio should continue. It is unclear what led to the Chamber of Commerce taking the official position that CJ Radio should be sued by Swan Valley West. In 2016, Swan Valley West Council spent over $153,000 of public money on legal issues. The meeting begins at 7PM Tuesday night.



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